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    Per gestire i processi di acquisto nella Pubblica Amministrazione e nelle Aziende:

    Albi Informatizzati

    Iscrizione, qualifica e gestione online di fornitori, professionisti, aziende esecutrici di lavori

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    Gare e Aste Telematiche

    Gestione informatizzata di bandi, negoziazioni, aste, con seduta di gara telematica

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    Mercato Elettronico

    Gestione dinamica catalogo elettronico, gestione ordini diretti e richieste di offerta

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    "La gestione dell'Ufficio Acquisti, in un periodo di crisi e spending review, è il punto essenziale e strategico attorno al quale ruotano il successo di un'azienda e il buon funzionamento di una pubblica amministrazione."

    Acquisti Telematici

    è la soluzione software a 360° che risponde a qualsiasi tipo di esigenza, aziendale e pubblica, razionalizzando i processi e riducendo i costi di acquisto e gestione:

    La soluzione leader nel mercato che integra tutte le forme di approvvigionamento online.

    • Migliaia i funzionari, i manager e i dirigenti che hanno usufruito delle nostre attività consulenziali e formative.

    • Centinaia i Clienti aziendali e istituzionali che hanno scelto i nostri servizi e le nostre soluzioni gestionali.

    • Migliaia le procedure di acquisto effettuate attraverso la piattaforma e-Procurement.

    • Centinaia di milioni di euro il valore complessivo delle gare effettuate.

    • Decine di migliaia di operatori economici qualificati

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    "Now, here is another matter of much more importance." He showed, but retained, another envelope. "Behind the house where you're to find Miss Rothvelt there's a road into Cole's Creek bottom. The house you're to stop at to-night, say from twelve o'clock till three or half-past, is on that road, about five miles from Wiggins, from Clifton and from Fayette. I'm sending you there expecting the people in that house will rob you if you give them half a chance."14/06/2021 Nuova Versione 7.4.1: Più efficienza con l'aggiornamento dei Sistemi di Qualificazione.

    "Oh! cruel to you, Richard, dear; to you! And--yes!--yes!--I'll confess. I'll confess--if only you'll do as I beg! Yes, ah yes, cruel to me! But don't ask how, and we'll see if you are man enough to keep a real woman's real secret! And first, promise me not to put up at that house which the General and Lieutenant Ferry--"My companion lifted higher in the saddle with delight. Then soberly he said, "We have got to lose her." I turned inquiringly and he continued: "She has done me the honor to tell me--Miss Harper and me--that if she succeeds in what she is now trying to do--you know?--"19/05/2021 Nuova Versione 7.3: Le nuove funzionalità del modulo e-Catalog.

    "Aunt Martha!" moaned some one. "Well, in short," said the aunt, twinkling like her brother, "we can't deliver the goods, and--" She started as though some one had slapped her between the shoulder-blades. It was the engine caused it, whistling in the old, lawless way, putting a whoop, a howl, a scream and a wail into one. The young ladies quailed, the train jerked like several collisions, the bell began tardily to clang, and my steed whirled, cleared a packing case, whirled again, and stood facing the train, his eyes blazing, his nostrils flapping, not half so much frightened as insulted. The post-quartermaster waved to the ladies and they to us. For a last touch I lifted my cap high and backed my horse on drooping haunches--you've seen Buffalo Bill do it--and then, with a leap like a cricket's, and to a clapping of maidens' hands that made me whooping drunk, we stretched away, my horse and I, on a long smooth gallop, for Brookhaven."Young lady, listen to me. I know your story is nearly all true. I know some good things about you which you have modestly left out; one of the rebels who stopped where you did last night and rode with you this morning was brought to me a prisoner half an hour ago. But he said your name was Rothvelt. How's that?"26/03/2021 Incentivi imprese: agevolazioni per acquisire il software Acquisti Telematici.

    03/02/2021 Nuova Versione 7.0: Ottimizzazioni nella gestione delle gare e nuovo modulo per la richiesta online del DURC.

    "I surrender," he said, with amiable ease. I stepped back a pace and he drew out and straightened up--the tallest man I had ever seen. I laughed, he smiled, laughed; my eyes filled with tears, I blazed with rage, and in plain sight and hearing of those ladies he said, "That's all right, my son, get as scared as you like; only, you don't need to cry about it."04/12/2020 Nuova Versione 6.6.1: La versione 6.6.1 della suite Acquisti Telematici contiene ottimizzazioni sulle funzionalità e sulle prestazioni..

    "Lieutenant," I replied, choking with dismay, "why mind her meanings now? Ought you not rather to ignore them? She is fevered, dejected, overwrought. Why, sir, she is the very woman to say and mean things now which she would never say or mean at any other time!" But my tone must have shown that I was only groping in desperation after anything plausible, and he waved my suggestions away.21/10/2020 Nuova Versione 6.4: La versione 6.4 della suite Acquisti Telematici contiene ottimizzazioni sulle funzionalità e sulle prestazioni..

    {sjtxt}06/10/2020 Nuova Versione 6.3: Nella versione 6.3 della suite Acquisti Telematici un'importante novità sul calcolo della soglia di anomalia..


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